Kathmandu, Nepal


Thank you so much KIMFF for choosing our film, the jury who honoured it and the nepalese audience that was so amazing. We are happy that the circle came to an end, that Urmila could bring her parents, brother and auntie to Kathmandu. Man Bahadur Chhetri, Olga Murray and lots of the NYF-staff could be with us. And we will never forget the powerfull ex-Kamalari-girls on stage of the Kumari-Film-Hall. What an adventure to have them in the capital finally. Thanks to Michael Hess for hosting them at Papa’s house. And thanks to all who helped to bring this film to life.

Jury words, International Selection:

First Prize
Urmila – My Memory is My Power
We have chosen Urmila – My Memory is My Power as this year’s Main Competition First Prize because of its brilliantly executed and clearly structured documentary journey through the eyes of one young woman’s personal, brave and tireless fight for justice.
For what is a very poignant, very real and distressing subject matter about an extremely remarkable young woman and her tireless efforts to save young female children from the fate that she suffered herself in Nepal society, the documentary is executed clearly in its facts through rhythmic editing and pacing but what makes it unique is not just for being beautifully shot, but also for the original, and at times almost lyrical way that it avoids being drawn into sentimentality and judgement so therefore consistently remaining impartial to the problems thereby letting the audience draw their own interpretations and conclusions from what they see and hear.

Second Prize
Trembling Mountain
The Second Prize goes to Trembling Mountain because it is a film that depicted how the 2015 earthquake was felt across the world, with victims from everywhere in the world and of all ages. It is extremely informative, brave and with an and paradoxically optimistic resignation to nature. From Nepal it is an inevitable story with a lesson for everyone all over the world and how a people affected by such a disaster build up their lives again. Honest without exageration or tearjerking, the interviews and action make for a good balance and the story moves slowly but progressively forward through the mountain, culture and community, which are inextricably interwoven.

Third Prize
Through the Unknown
In our choice for Third Prize, the enemy now is nature, every single step is difficult. Through the Unknown follows the known path of every climbing or expedition film. Filmed constantly out of the comfort zone, it was also filmed in Pakistan. The title covers the story well. It is an extremely daring and exceptional undertaking of a winter climbing. The Nanga Parbat porters and Pakistani climber are part of the team and are not shown as separates or egotistical.

Thanks for the photographs: Sanjoy Maharjan, Thijs Horbach, susan gluth