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Gestorben wird Morgen

There is a place in Arizona, so peaceful, people come there to die. It’s a retirement community, in the middle of the desert, especially designed for seniors, with palm trees and bungalows, blue skies, red sunsets, tons of pharmacies and extra wide streets for a comfortable ride in your golf cart! In this sunny paradise, we see all the different shades of aging: as a state of excitement, fear, joy and pain. Everyone living here has to find their own way to deal with life while facing death: Olive has kept her humour, even though her body is limiting her life. She still sings, still goes for a walk, still dances with her hoover in the living room, and she is still looking for her roller blades, which remind her of good times but which she can’t use anymore. What Olive is not willing to accept, is her daughter treating her like she has Alzheimer’s. Who diagnosed that? Aging is a condition where “aches and pains are part of the deal”, as Jim states. On …