EASTWARDS. Encounters in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania ten years after Reunification.

A journey through the most northeasterly state of Germany, in which we encounter people who tell us of their lives under the GDR and since the collapse of Communism. It becomes increasingly clear that there is a conflict today between their desire to live in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and the feasibility of doing so.

Through impressions and tales from the countryside, far from the main towns and cities, we search for common ground and points of difference between people from East and West Germany.


Wilfried and Annie Kloehn, Siggi Koeber, Adelheid Kunas, Joerg Hollnagel, Jens Czepkich, Christine Huettel , Joerg Schoof, Michael Unger, Hans-Georg and Inge Bohnsack, Karl Heinz Bretsch, Martin Goerbes, Eberhard Harning, Thomas Becken, Richard Sauer, Fred Spiegel, Birgit Heiden, Roman Langguth, Mario Immel, Uwe Schumacher, Frank Lueck, Ruediger Hacker, Tom Drahheim, Ralf Buchwald, Sven Sittauer, Peter Klaeser, Karsten and Silke Ziegler


CAMERA Stefan Grandinetti   ORIGINAL SOUND  susan gluth   EDITORS  susan gluth, Isa Moeller    COMPOSER  Andreas Weidinger   RE-RECORDING MIXER  Gerhard Auer   PRODUCTION CONSULTANT  Claas Danielsen    GENERAL CONSULTANTS  Prof. Gerd Ruge, Claas Danielsen   PRODUCER  susan gluth   WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY  susan gluth

TECHNICAL SUPPORT Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

PRODUCTION COMPANY  HFF München, Department of Television Journalism
Bernd Eichinger Platz 1, 80333 Munich,


Evelyn Wichert, Helma Schmekel, Lilli Dill, Willy Hoffmann, Herbert and Edith Urbansky, Heidi Felten, Wolfgang and Baerbel Kuhrt, Martin and Ulrike Wuenscher, Stefan Kalney, Helga and Siegfried Krueger, Mathilde and Willy Schwarz, Elisabeth Wegener, Heidemarie Schelenski, Hans Kuhlow, Roland Heiden, SV Koelln, Frank and Peter Klein, Roswitha Bick, Ilse Spittmann-Ruehle, Marlies Menge, Katharina Werner, Juli Lambert, Margit Moule, Dietmar Heinzel, Hans Kornacher, Gruppe 3, Matthias Schroeder, Katharina Moewe – Gut Lischow, Familie von Maltzahn – Gut Vanselow